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As the owner of Event Support Group and I've been in this business so long, I can honestly tell you that ESG has the “ Best Talent" that is available for the right cost per hour in Las Vegas Nevada for stagehands and AV Techs! Event Support Group was put together to save the client cost for stagehand labor!!!!!!! Because it all comes down to this!!!!!!!!


We want you to come back to ESG next year and the year after and so on!



The Show That Started It All 

Sept.12 1998

Cashman Field



Dear Valued & Prospective Clients:

I am Robbie Cherrie, owner of Event Support Group Inc, “ESG” & we have been pay rolling stagehand labor in the metropolitan Las Vegas & Henderson area and on the Las Vegas Strip since 1998 and ESG is still going strong!!!!  I can’t believe that another year is passing, so many changes have occurred since 1998 and I can tell you I’ve seen them all!!  2020 is going to be a big year for Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada and we are looking forward to the continued prosperity.

New convention centers are being built and it’s going to require outstanding stagehand labor to maintain all of these venues.  World Resorts Convention Center, The Wynn Convention Center, The Drew Convention Center, The LINQ New Convention Center and New Expansion on Las Vegas Convention Center and completed expansion on the MGM Conference Center and the Mandalay Bay Conference Center. And of course, we cannot forget about the Raiders, which are coming to Las Vegas in 2020.  They will become the Las Vegas Raiders and will bring the NFL to a new level.  The MSG Sphere Las Vegas that is owned by The Venetian and the new entertainment facility called Area 15 which is an awesome place to facilitate medium corporate events and corporate parties. The new training school for stagehands and a/v techs called Las Vegas Stagehand Training Center LLC will also be making its debut in 2020, sponsored by Event Support Group Inc.   The training center will have highly qualified instructors that have been in the entertainment industry for decades and are at the pinnacle in their entertainment industry careers.

An array of events are already scheduled for 2020 in Las Vegas. CES Las Vegas, Pennzoil 400 NASCAR Weekend, NAB Show Las Vegas, The SEMA Show to mention just a few. Also, the NFL Draft 2020 will be in Las Vegas as well. With all these events and venues there will be a huge demand for qualified stagehands and audio-visual techs. 

At this point, Event Support Group Inc. has restructured our labor rates for 2019 through 2023 with affordable rates that everyone will be comfortable with. Please review our new rate sheet on our website:
www.esglaborcrews.com Event Support Group Inc wants your continued business year after year after year and we want to be your “go-to” Stagehand & AV Tech labor provider company in Las Vegas.  We can guarantee that you will have the best of the best, qualified labor for your event.  Professional Stagehands and Audio-Visual Techs, knowledgeable, high-quality with high standards.


Event Support Group Inc does NOT hire 1099 subcontractors. All Stagehands & AV Techs are employees of the ESG and ESG pays all federal and state employer taxes and workman’s compensation.  All employees have their OSHA 10 certifications. ESG managers & supervisors have their OSHA 30 certifications.


Please take a few minutes and come visit our website at www.esglaborcrews.com It will give you a better insight to our company and the all of the progress we have made over the years. There are quite a few recommendations & thank you letters from our clients as well.


Thank you for your time & consideration.  We look forward to seeing you at your next show in Las Vegas!!!!





Robbie Cherrie

Principal Owner

Event Support Group Inc.

10624 South Eastern Suite 266

Henderson NV 89052




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